Compostable BOPLA Film for Sustainable Packaging


 Compostable BOPLA Film for Sustainable Packaging

BioPA is specially designed for #sustainable packaging solution through the use of renewable feedstock to save fossil resources and reduce greenhouse emission. The film composes of biomass feedstock from renewable resources that can reduce the carbon-footprint of packaging. The film properties and functional performances are equally as conventional BOPA.

- Contain more than 90% biomass feedstock
- Retain good characteristic and properties of conventional BOPA
- Excellent barriers to gas and oil
- High puncture and impact resistance
- Suitable for food contact

We have increased biaxially oriented Poly-Lactic-Acid the BOPLA film capacity in accordance to the rise of global demand for a sustainable flexible packaging substrate which is environmentally friendly that created from nonpretroleum based polymer with the ability to 100% decompose naturally.
Besides primary attraction as environmental friendly substrate, BOPLA also exhibit an exceptional property of

- High transparency and gloss
- Acceptable moisture barrier
- High Oxygen barrier
- Dead fold/Twistable
- High aroma barrier
- Make a better tomorrow

With dominant property make BOPLA film well suit for a wide range of applications;
- Flexible packaging
- Salad bag
- Flower wrap
- Label
- Cup/Tray lid
- Magazine pouch
- Bakery bag
- Candy(Twisted)
- Paper lamination

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