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09/10/2019 News
BioPA is specially designed for #sustainable packaging solution through the use of renewable feedstock to save fossil resources and reduce greenhouse emission.
24/10/2020 News
1. Product packaging is adapting to shifting buying patterns. 2. Product packaging must meet heightened health and safety standards and expectations. 3. Product packaging will need to be designed for sustainability.role in the COVID-19 world.
Product packaging has played an important vital role in the COVID-19 world.
14/12/2020 News
On June 10, North American time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially announced that Canada will ban the use of disposable plastic products from 2021. Today, Trudeau announced the news at the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont St-Hilaire, just outside Montreal.
From 2021, Canada will completely ban disposable plastic products!