The next decade will see the top ten disruptive forces in packaging


Smithers peel of the international market research institute has released the report "ten disruptive forces in the packaging and printing industry from 2017 to 2027". In 2016, according to the institute to measure the global packaging industry market value of about $866 billion, 2010-2016 average annual growth rate of more than 4% global market, including the Middle East and parts of north and South America, the growth rate of 5% - 7%. The global packaging industry is expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2021. Over the next 10 years, the development of the packaging and printing industry will follow the principles of consumer orientation, increasing product added value, building brand strength and integrating development with the Internet, the report said. In the process of packaging and printing industry transformation, there are ten major forces that will lead the industry transformation.

Consumer demand-oriented packaging marketing

The smithers peel institute reports that packaging is an important means of promotion in the circulation of goods, and that the changing process of consumer psychology is strongly related to the selling process of goods. It is because of the contemporary packaging marketing actively respond to consumer psychological demand, not only make its implementation for the purpose of promoting products, also played a lead healthy consumption to a certain extent, the reasonable consumption of subjective initiative. The survey shows that in the next 10 years, the sales of packaging products will first consider the needs and interests of consumers and meet the needs of customers at different levels.

Power 1: innovative design

According to the report, the idea of customer-oriented is particularly obvious in the contemporary market economy. Enterprises should consider the consumer psychology at the beginning of packaging design. The consumer psychology demand restricts the package design, is in both dominant position. Packaging design is in a relatively passive position, and it needs to actively adapt to the influence of consumer psychology before it can have a certain positive effect on consumer psychology. In this process, packaging design has become a bridge between enterprises and consumers. In the next 10 years, the innovation of packaging design will play a positive role in the development of the industry.

Power 2: personalized customization

, according to a report in response to the change of marketing environment, especially for like personality, interesting and fun, hate the monotony of young consumer groups, packaging enterprises need to take the way of personalized packaging and marketing. Packaging is the most important medium of the carrier, companies such as part of the budget to personality packaging customization, in the many brand products can come to the fore, become the young and heated debate in the social media. Report shows that most of personalization packaging produced by packaging design department, but emerging patterns, such as consumers become packaging designers, and created a rise in the number of product packaging enterprises.

Power 3: green

Besides strengthening environmental management, improving environmental awareness and improving environmental technology, consumers' attention to environmental issues is also the main driving force behind the implementation of green environmental policies. In environmental protection concept of thorough popular feeling gradually now, sustainable development has become a global packaging enterprise's value orientation and practice of green printing,

packaging, lightweight, improve environmental management, to strengthen environmental protection consciousness gradually become the conscious action of the enterprise, the enterprise green concept also respond to the consumers in the pursuit of sustainable development way of life. In 2018, Asia's green printing packaging market will account for 32% of the global total.

Power 4: shelf marketing

Shelves sales terminal is packing products such as close contact with consumers, the institute said, standing in the perspective of effective marketing and consumer buying behavior, the ultimate goal of packing product sales is to make consumers pay for their products. According to the smithers peel research institute, shelf marketing is an important factor influencing the development of packaging and printing industry in the next 10 years. According to the report, shelf marketing of packaged products should follow two principles: first, make the packaging "dance" on the shelf to attract consumers' attention; Second, let packaging "talk" with consumers, shorten the distance with consumers.

In the era of the pursuit of quality, excellent packaging products not only plays a simple transportation and protection, while creating value for product and promotion, also led to the rapid development of related industries, not only played a beautify the living environment and improve the quality of life, but also has played a positive role in brand competitiveness.

Power 5: technology upgrades

With the improvement of market demand, the high-end packaging industry represented by luxury packaging will grow faster than the average growth of other industries in the packaging industry. In the packaging industry, luxury packaging is a rapidly developing market with great potential. Its market value has reached 13.78 billion us dollars in 2016 and its consumption is expected to reach 14.25 billion us dollars in 2017.

Luxury goods are more attractive to consumers because of their brand effect. In order to enhance the user experience, luxury packaging gradually selects some high-quality materials, and adopts more novel designs on the packaging surface, decoration, bottle cap corks and other external shapes. On the basis of using advanced materials and ornaments, luxury packaging has begun to adopt more anti-counterfeiting identification and qr codes, so that consumers can verify the authenticity of products through smart devices. New tags, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC), allow consumers to interact with brands to form deeper and more lasting sales relationships.

Power 6: cultural elements

Report, at present many international packaging the product is being marketed in all countries of the enterprise, consumer recognition, by the governments of each country has its own culture and style, need to packaging designer to understand the cultural characteristics of various countries and psychological need, otherwise we are looking for a selling point, is not allowed goods difficult to sell. Survey, the successful packaging companies often have their own unique design style, through sets up the international awareness, from the original language, culture, and from all countries in the international environment to produce its own unique packaging design art; Through market research, different packaging positioning design is carried out to improve packaging products, bringing economic and social benefits to enterprises.

The concept of the brand is mainly reflected in the factors considered in the formulation of marketing plans. Some brands pay more attention to product value, customer trust and corporate social responsibility. In the final analysis, packaging is for the brand service, and every action of the brand directly determines the development trend of the packaging industry. The emergence of new technology, the change of people's lifestyle and the change of brand culture have created new opportunities for packaging suppliers as well as challenges.

Power 7: sustainable development

The smithers peel research institute found that the increasing pressure on packaging companies from brands to make green products has increased the awareness of the sustainable development of packaging companies. The depth of the research on the British hundreds of packaging enterprise survey found that 67% of respondents thought, head of the utmost reduce packaging waste is the main strategy for the sustainable development of enterprises, 64% of respondents think the recycled material reuse is the primary strategy, 61% of respondents think lightweight and recycled packaging is one of the first, 47% cost reduction, energy saving and emission reduction 46% choose to use recyclable materials, 26% emphasizes sustainable development biodegradable materials.

Power 8: security and security

The report shows that the market for anti-counterfeiting packaging products has been growing due to the threat of counterfeit products, new regulatory requirements and continuous technological progress. Due to the expanding trade, international trade has become the norm, in response to retailers and brand owners to security, product certification, and prevent the loss of supply chain requirements, anti-counterfeiting technology suppliers use the more cost-effective advanced brand protection technology, promote consumers, brands and law enforcement unit mobile digital channels are used more and more products such as smart phones to distinguish authenticity.

According to the survey data, the global market value of anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and safe packaging products will reach 3.6 billion us dollars in 2022, and the annual compound growth rate from 2017 to 2022 will be 5.5%. The United States and European countries in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial components in key areas such as the mandatory and supervision for tampering with data, measures such as China, India, South Korea, Brazil and Turkey and other countries have also been introduced to strengthen the pharmaceutical industry supply chain security measures. According to the data, food packaging is the most widely used market for brand protection packaging, accounting for 38.8% of the total anti-counterfeiting packaging products, ranking second in the industrial market and third in other consumer goods.

Cloud printing and Internet packaging is becoming the important direction of change packaging and printing industry, packaging industry chain on the Internet connecting the parties subject to the same platform, informatization, big data, intelligent production would dramatically improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, to provide fast and convenient, low cost, high quality integrated services.

Power 9: e-commerce platform

The development of e-commerce platform of packaging and printing is obvious to all, various business models and market segmentation practices of packaging and printing emerge endlessly, and the industry's understanding of e-commerce is gradually deepened. According to the survey, the success of packaging and printing electric business platform tend to have a certain market segment, existing business very high market competitiveness, and fit with the method of network printing, and is committed to the existing business based on innovation, such as large data channels of innovation and innovation, etc.

Power 10: green logistics

With the growth of e-commerce express delivery, the environmental pollution of express consumables becomes more and more serious. The report shows that optimizing and integrating supply chain to realize green logistics packaging is one of the important development directions of packaging and printing industry in the future. For the packing of the electricity business pattern matching technology, electrical goods unitized packing dimension chain, the difference of electrical business logistics and traditional logistics, electricity distribution, environment, etc., to the harm of package and big data platform through the Internet of things technology analysis logistics cargo damage and targeted to the implementation of the electricity transport packaging design, etc., can effectively to contemporary business logistics need to transport packaging technology innovation to upgrade.