Huizhou Yito Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, We are a packaging product enterprise integrating production, design and research and development.At YITO Group, we believe that “We can make a difference” in the lives of people who we touch.YITO always concentrate on packaging industry, the current scope of business include: environmental degradation of the new material R & D, cultural creative product sales, creative packaging solution. In the future,YITO will focus on six research and development directions, including environmental degradation materials, functional films, UV - LED curing technology, functional anti-counterfeiting materials, intelligent packaging, and digital printing.With the innovative business model of "R&D" + "Sales", it has obtained 14 invention patents, which can be customized according to customer needs to meet the individual needs of customers, and help customers to upgrade their products and expand the market.The main products are PLACellulose filmwet/thermal BOPP/CPP/PET film +soft touch lamination film, scuff ffree film, glitter filmrecycle bope etcwhich are in line with BPI ASTM 6400, EU EN 13432, Belgium OK COMPOST, ISO 14855, national standard GB 19277.YITO continues to expand its product offerings including new materials, new packaging, new technique and process for the commercial print & package market.Welcome people with knowledge to cooperate and win-win, work together to create a brilliant career.